PMRyder goes Along for the Ryde with Eva Goodman 1/15 @ 10th Street Live!

PMRyder sits down with Eva Goordman, a longtime Ryder to discuss her seven year journey that took her to the point of having to decide if she was or wasn’t going to sign a DNR. It is hoped that her story will help others gain the strength, the courage, the perseverance to keep hope alive long enough for the Medical Professionals to figure out a correct diagnosis, and an appropriate treatment plan.
PMRyder will be performing a Benefit show in Eva’s Honor, to recognize her incredible effort to ‘Not Give Up’ with all funds collected to go to the APS Foundation of America (
PMRyder goes Along for the Ryde for the APS Foundation of America:
Friday, January 15, 2016
10th Street Live
Kenilworth, NJ
Opening Act 6:30-8:00
PMRyder 9:00-12:00