PMRyder’s Ryde 4 Noah on Teacher Appreciation Night, 9:00 on 6/25/2016 at The Mount Holleran Towne Tavern

On Thursday morning March 3rd, what started as a normal school day for the 13 year old suddenly turned tragic. During gym class, Noah excused himself to the locker room. While in there, his heart went into an arrhythmia which ultimately led to cardiac arrest. A friend found him unresponsive and contacted his teacher who immediately began CPR. The school nurse and EMTs were summoned to help and administer an AED to get his heart started again. He was rushed to nearby Morristown Medical Center. While the staff provided great care and support to stabilize Noah, they didn’t have the full capability to care for a patient in such a dire situation. That night he was transferred to Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital at Columbia Presbyterian in NYC and was in the cardiac intensive care (ICU) for almost three weeks.

During his time in the ICU, the medical staff managed and stabilized his organs to prevent further damage from the initial shock from the event. They helped his body recover and during treatment, discovered an extra nerve on his heart which led to his rapid heartbeat or arrhythmia. The doctors conducted a successful ablation procedure on Noah and shortly thereafter he left the ICU. However his fight is not over. The next major hurdle is recovering from the trauma that was caused to Noah’s brain during the cardiac event. We remain hopeful and want to get him to the next phase of his treatment which will be at Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick. It is expected to be a long road of rehabilitation ahead. We are hopeful that Noah will recover from the trauma so we can hear his voice and see that infectious smile!

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